Top Star Nails

Manicure Services

Manicure Services

1. Smoothing Manicure

Service starts with nail trimming shaping and cuticle grooming followed by a light massage and a hot towel wrap. The treatment is finished with your choice of polish.
Reg $25
Gel $35

2. Deluxe Manicure

Include all steps from Number 1, as well as a scrub that cleans the hand of dead skin. Treatment is finished with your choice of polish
Reg $30
Gel $40

3. Top Star Manicure

Includes all steps from Number 2. as well as a hot stone massage finished with your choice of polish.
Reg $40
Gel $50

4. Collagen Manicure

Includes all steps from Number 3, as well as collagen gloves or paraffin hot wax wrapped around the hand which is nourishing and moisturizes the skin. Treatment is finished with your choice of polish.
Reg $45
Gel $55
Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancements

"Organic Dipping Powder (more than 700 colors available)
This product is without harsh chemicals, and has added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails: so it soaks off easily. It does not damage the nail bed. The nails get stronger light weight and natural long lasting, healthy, and beautiful nails."
Dipping Natural Nails $45 +
Dipping Natural Nails (with manicure) $50
Dipping Extension $50 +
Dipping Extension (Ombre/Pink & White) $55
*Acrylic/Fiberglass Full Set: $40+ / Fill: $35+
With Gel Polish Full Set: $50+ / Fill: $45+
White Tip Full Set: $50+ / Fill: $40+
*Color/Glitter Powder: Full Set $55 +
*Color/Glitter Powder: Fill Change Color $48 +
*Color/Glitter Powder: Fill Same Color $40 +
*Pink & White, Ombre: Full Set $55 +
*Pink & White, Ombre: Fill Pink & White, Ombre $50 +
*Pink & White, Ombre: Fill Pink Only $40 +
Additional Services

Additional Services

Take/Soak Off(W/ Out Service) Gel: $15
Repair $7 +
Repair (med-extra long nail) $15
Change/Reshape. Matte Topcoat, Gel Color Fade $5 +
Nails Art/3D/French $7 +
Special Callus Removal (Leaves your feet and smooth) $10
Special Shapes (Almond, Pointed, Coffin) $5
Paraffin Add $10
Collagen Sock $10
Extra Massage (10 mins) $10
*Quick Polish (Includes, Shape, Buff): Reg Polish $15 / Gel Polish: $25
*Quick Polish (Includes, Shape, Buff): Kids Polish $8 / Gel Polish: $15
Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

Classic Lashes $80 + | Fill: $65+
Volume Lashes $80 +| Fill: $45+
Individual Lashes $45 +


Eyebrows (Cleaning and Shaping) $10
Upper Lip $6
Chin $10 +
Eyebrow & Upper Lip $16
Eyebrow, Upper Lip & Chin $26 +
Full Face $35 +
Full Arm $40 +
Full Leg $45 +
Brazilian $55 +
Back or Chest $30 +
Half Arm $30 +
Half Leg $35 +
Bikini $35 +
Under Arm $15 +
Pedicure Services

Pedicure Services

1. Smoothing Pedicure

Service starts out with trimming the nails, buffing them for a smooth finish, and grooming cuticles. Then, scrubbing exfoliates dead skin followed by a relaxing massage with lotion. Finally, a hot towel is applied before applying a beautiful polish of your choice.
Reg $35
Gel $45

2. Deluxe Pedicure

Include Number 1, as well as a cream mask. which provides vitamins to help leave skin silky and soft which also reduces your skin's water loss, and a hot stone massage that will increase your blood circulation, finished with your choice of polish.
Reg $40
Gel $50

3. Lavender Pedicure

Relaxing in a luxurious sultry scented bath steeped with organic lavender aroma is excellent for sleep disorders as it relaxes the mind and relieves mental pressure. Your feet will be scrubbed to exfoliate dead skin. Includes a mud mask and paraffin wax finished with your choice of polish.
Reg $45
Gel $55

4. Top Star Pedicure

Enjoy a calming antioxidant-rich pedicure soak with proper nail care. Includes a cream mask and a hot stone massage with lotion which leaves your skin hydrated and quenched with natural beauty. Paraffin wax is wrapped around the feet which smoothes the skin. Your choice of Aroma: Rich Milk, Hawaii Pineapple. Tingly Lemon and more...
Reg $55
Gel $65

5. Jelly Pedicure

Jelly pedicure contains no harmful substances and is biodegradable. The natural plant extracts and oils when combined with warm water will transform into translucent jelly. The bits of jelly work as natural exfoliation while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. A hot stone and lotion massage is applied to completely relax your leg muscles. Your feet will be rehydrated with a mud mask and paraffin wax.
Reg $55
Gel $65

6. Essential Pedicure

An essential oil diffuse will be turned on during your pedicure for a wonderful relaxing sensation that will calm you throughout your day Includes Number 2, as well as an essential o massage which will reduce muscle pains. tiredness and bring true relaxation to you.
Reg $60
Gel $70

7. Collagen Pedicure

This pedicure is the ultimate spa experience. Scrub exfoliates and collagen cream masks moisturize the skin. Hot stone massages are for deeply relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. Collagen socks are wrapped around the feet. Enriched with collagen, olive oil, and argan oil which penetrate quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize your feet. Lastly, hot towels are wrapped around your leg. Your choice of Aroma: Crystal Water Luxury Pearl, and more...
Reg $65
Gel $75

8. Volcano Pedicure

Treat yourself well as a king or queen. Soak your feet with detox volcano crystal activators that detoxify and cleanse the skin of impurities. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub that renews the skin. Collagen cream masks nourish the skin. Enjoy a hot stone and collagen lotion massage, finished with paraffin hot wax and two hot towels wrapped around your leg. Your choice of Aroma: Tropical Romance and more...
Reg $75
Gel $85

9. CBD Pedicure

Enjoy a top-tier pedicure with the most relieving treatment. Soak your feet with CBD detox crystal activators that cleanse and ease sores and discomforts. Exfoliate with a CBD sugar scrub that cleans out dead skin cells and nourishes the skin with CBD collagen cream masks. Have a hot stone and CBD collagen lotion massage and finish with a paraffin hot wax and two hot towels wrapped around your leg. Your choice of Aroma: Rose Gold, Havana Secrets, and more...
Reg $80
Gel $90